Call out the covert terrorisms we experience as Americans. 
publicize  the 30 inalienable  human  rights  known  and ratified  globally  but currently  redacted, unprotected  and/or  violated  in  the  U.S.   
expose the  abuse,  pain  and  death  suffered  by U.S. residents as result of such violations
demand immediate  cessation of  all  injurious  human rights  violations associated with such suffering
Demand the  federal ratification  of  International Human rights  protection to  the  level  currently held  by  other  U.N.  member developed states
demand that U.S. institutions compensate  the  harmed,  and correct ongoing violations without delay 
demand that U.S. Institutions reprioritize  through actions the safety, security, health and freedom of
all  American people
demands are  not considered met until 90% of U.S. residents express full satisfaction and also agree that trust is being  restored.   .
financial terrorism
health terrorism
emotional terrorism
structural violence
Universal declaration of human rights - 1948
International Covenant of economic, social and civil rights - 1966
International covenant on civil and political rights - 1966
deaths from homelessness / shelter exclusion -  5-10,000
unnecessary medical deaths - 500,000
excluded from care - 45,000/yr 2009, 17,000 in 2014, ( Stillman M, Tailor M, Dead Man Walking, New England Journal of Medicine; Oct 23, 2013)
hospital mistakes - 410,000/yr  (James JT, A new evidence based estimate of patient harms associated with hospital care.  journal of patient safety 2013;9: 122-128)
iatrogenic (doctor mistake) - 5,000
prescription drug overdose  - 28,000
cultural  violence    beliefslaws or norms used to legitimize violence; structural or direct - Journal of Peace Research:  (
Deaths from Gun violencE - 35,000
deaths in Prisons and Jails   - 6,000
what is your term for 500,000 preventable  U.S. civilian  deaths  year  after  year ? 

elimination of the poor through structural violence. (


the murder of people by it's government    (

homeland  violence  and  genocide the  new  insidious  forms
global  humanitarian  documents
the international bill of rights
post  modern  terrorisms
 unbelievable ?   American ?  
genocide ?  terrorism ?  
unacceptable ?   exagerated ?
 how many dead do you know?
taking  action to  stop  the  500,000  U.S. civilian  deaths  year  after  year  that  are  fully preventable  and  a result  of  human  right  violations 
your 30 inalienable rights  taught everywhere but in the U.S.   (